Racing and Time Trialling

Last night (28th June) was a great demonstration of what time trialling is really all about. A bunch of club mates all out to do the best ride they could with a little competitive edge of trying to beat a fellow rider of a similar ability. No specialist kit or skin tight lycra required, just a will to ride as quickly as you can. Followed (and proceeded) by a bit of banter. Well done to the Wincanton Wheelers for showing how it should be.

YCC UC30/10 - Members Results

Name Date Time (h:m:s) Weekly Ranking
Steve D'Arcy28/06/2226:372
Gary Francis28/06/2224:341
Jill Gosney28/06/2229:197
12/07/22DNF - Puncture
Chris Hill28/06/2227:333
Matt Loader28/06/2228:415
Chris Lockett12/07/2226:502
Elliot Lockett12/07/2228:384
Chris Plowman-Hart28/06/2229:208
Brad Sewell28/06/2231:3310
Ben Whitney28/06/2228:546
Carl Wilson28/06/2229:219
Nick Winsley28/06/2228:284